Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolutions Are Useless Without a Burning Desire and a Definite Plan.

Every New Years, people around the world set their goals for what they want to lose, gain, or change for the following year. Some resolutionaries want to lose weight, some want to stop smoking, some want a new job, and others hope to meet that special someone. 

Speaking from experience, most resolutions are never followed through. For example, shelling out a thousand dollars for a one-year gym membership is useless unless you have a burning desire, a definite plan, plus the ability to see yourself living in the moment of your accomplished goal that you set forth, and saw yourself achieving that one year ago.

For example, my sister was overweight—100lbs overweight—a few years back. When she reached her breaking point, and knew exactly why she wanted to lose the weight, she could’ve just joined a gym, and said I hope I lose it this year, or I want to lose weight this year, or “Please God, help me lose this weight.” But instead, she figured out exactly how much weight she wanted to lose, by exactly what date, and by what means she was going to use to reach it. Then she made a sign that read: ONE YEAR FROM NOW, ON MY 3OTH BIRTHDAY, I LOST 100lbs, AND I LOOK AND FEEL AMAZING. That’s all the sign said. But she posted it on a wall where she (and her powerful subconscious) was able to see it every day.

My sister had no doubt about achieving this goal. In her mind, she had already reached it. — On August 3rd, she lost 98lbs (let’s give her the two points) and she looked and felt amazing. She was glowing. People asked her how many days she had worked out at the gym. She said, “None.” She joined Weight Watchers, followed her diet, and did some walking on the boardwalk. 

“ANYBODY can wish for riches, and most people do, but only a few know that a definite plan, plus a burning desire for wealth, are the only dependable means of accumulating wealth – Napoleon Hill

My first example of reaching a goal by this method took place in 1995, when I got a big book deal with a top publisher in the industry. Why? Because I had burning desire. I had no doubt whatsoever about being an author—not being concerned about having zero experience in writing a book before. And I had a definite plan.

I wrote down how much of an advance I was going to receive on a specific date with a specific publisher, My sign read: ON JUNE 23RD, __________IS PUBLISHING, PUPPY CHOW IS BETTER THAN PROZAC AND I AM GETTING A ____________ADVANCE. I hung it around my apartment for my subconscious to work on it. My friends and family thought I was nuts.

In the Fall of 1997, I got the exact advance that I had asked for. The date was a little off. But I would’ve never received that advance without having a definite plan. People have said to me, “Bruce, you have great luck.” It’s not luck. It’s not being psychic. And it’s not easy. You have to work for it. But the rewards are whatever you ask for. This way of thinking goes far and beyond monetary results. It works just the same for spiritual and health related issues just the same.

A few years ago, a friend told me to read this book, THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill. He said I had reached my goals by the methods taught inn his book. It’s the best $6.95 I’ve ever spent. (I don’t make a cent off this book, and the author is long dead.) So get it. Read it. Believe it. And call me in a few months with your results. I’d love to hear your success story.
I’d say good luck, but there is no need to.  

“Whatever THE MIND OF MAN can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE it can ACHIEVE.” — Napoleon Hill

Have a Happy New Year!

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